In 2023, the Africulture Network embarked on an exciting venture with the launch of our project, ‘Afri-tales.’ Through the generous support of fundraising efforts, we were able to bring the captivating children’s books authored by Ekiuwa Aire, originally from Benin City, Nigeria, to primary schools throughout Aberdeen. Ekiuwa Aire’s passion for spreading positive narratives about African history aligns perfectly with our mission to celebrate and educate on African heritage.

‘Afri-tales’ not only introduces young readers to engaging stories but also serves as a window into the rich cultural tapestry of Africa.

In conjunction with distributing these books, we initiated a series of information events and workshops within Aberdeen schools. These sessions were designed to offer students both educational insights and entertaining experiences. By blending learning with entertainment, we aimed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of African history among Aberdeen’s youth.

The ‘Afritales’ project represents a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to promote cultural exchange and empower future generations with knowledge and understanding. By providing access to literature that reflects diverse voices and experiences, we hope to inspire curiosity, empathy, and respect for different cultures. As we continue to expand the reach of ‘Afritales’ and engage more schools in Aberdeen, we remain committed to nurturing a more.

To book an ‘Afritales’ session, please get in touch!