Our inaugural event, ‘The Spirit of Africa,’ hosted by the Africulture Network, took place in 2023 at the International School Aberdeen.

It was a fantastic celebration of the diverse cultures and history across Africa. The night left a lasting impression, showcasing Africa’s traditions and African Heritage. We’re incredibly thankful to all our sponsors and guests who supported this initiative, furthering our mission as an Aberdeen charity dedicated to promoting African heritage and fostering cultural understanding.

Building on the momentum of this event, Africulture is committed to expanding its reach and impact in Aberdeen and beyond. Our goal is to establish Africulture as a leading advocate for African heritage and cultural exchange, serving as a hub for educational programs, community initiatives, and partnerships with Schools in Aberdeen. By fostering greater awareness and appreciation of African culture, we aim to empower individuals, promote social cohesion, and contribute to a more inclusive society.

We’re eagerly looking forward to welcoming you back for the next ‘Spirit of Africa’ in 2025!

Watch this space for details coming soon…